Red Mile’s Sin City game sees potentially permanent delay

Red Mile Entertainment has announced that the plans for their previously announced Sin City game have been postponed. Currently in development, Sin City: The Game is now set to ship sometime in “fiscal 2012.” Maybe.

In a forward-looking public statement the company says that it’s “currently in the process of negotiating revisions to the license agreement.” Additionally, it appears the title’s fate depends on Red Mile getting some cash. The company states: “If we can raise sufficient funds to continue operations, we expect to ship this game in fiscal 2012.”

The way the economy is looking, Sin City: The Game wouldn’t be the first game to fall by the wayside. Red Miles other title, Heroes Over Europe, may also be in jeopardy: “We have been experiencing milestone payment delays from our co-publishing partner on Heroes Over Europe and have accordingly been delayed in making payments to our developer. Failure to make timely payments will likely cause us to miss our expected ship date.”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound too good, does it? 

Nick Chester