Red Faction: Guerrilla patch on the horizon

The community has spoken, and Volition, Inc. has been listening. The developer is currently preparing a patch for Red Faction: Guerrilla that sounds rather exciting. This news is actually a few days old, but no one picked up on the story, so don’t yell at me, please.

I’m almost hesitant to even call it a patch, because it’s adding more to Red Faction: Guerrilla than it is fixing. The full list can be found on the game’s community site, but here are some highlights: ore deposits show up on the minimap, a Challenge mode for Wrecking Crew, double XP playlists, and the option to disable certain weapons and backpacks from appearing in custom multiplayer matches.

All in all, it sounds like a significant patch/update/whatever you want to call it. There is also the “Demons of the Badlands” add-on to look forward to, so Red Faction players should have more than enough reason to continue playing this incredibly fun game.

[Thanks, Scott]

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