Red Bull and breakdancing equal Red Bull BC One DS

Every once in a while, two things that make no sense will fall into my lap, causing me to drool a little and wonder what to make of it all. In this case, its a product-specific videogame and breakdancing — after Yaris I’m pretty wary of any game that’s merely a marketing vehicle for a product, but then, it’s also about BREAKDANCING. I have to admit, I’m flummoxed – do I buy this game or run screaming?

Developer Smackdown has teamed up with Red Bull to bring you Red Bull BC One DS, which you can actually play a demo of on the game’s website (you’ll need to download some 3D Life Player business to do so however, boo to that.) Apparently the developers are looking for feedback on the demo, and have mentioned that if they use any of your ideas that you will be credited in the final game, so perhaps it’s worth the time if you have a hard-on to see your name in game credits.

We can expect to see Red Bull BC One in the third quarter of 2008. No details on price just yet, but we will bring you further updates as they become available (IGN has a nice gallery up if you want to check out more screens there.) In the meantime, head to the official site so you can check out the B-Boys that have participated in previous Red Bull events. (Just how long has this mysterious connection between Red Bull and breakdancing been going on???)

[Via IGN, Thanks Jonathan!] 

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