Recap: Everything that happened at the 2022 “E3” Sonic Central stream

Sonic Central recap

Gotta stream fast

Following the polarizing reveal of Sonic Frontiers, Sega is opting to have a last-minute Sonic Central broadcast (that you can watch here or below). It’s time for a Sonic Central recap.

Sonic Central recap (June 7, 2022):

  • The stream kicked off with a recap/overview trailer of Sonic Origins, which is still coming on June 23. Much of the info was already touched upon in the Famitsu stream we covered.
  • “Sonic Speed Simulator” is available in Roblox on June 11 — use the code “Sonic Central” to unlock the Amy Chao.
  • Sonic mobile games (Sonic Forces and Sonic Dash) are getting movie collaborations, as well as Super Shadow and Mephiles later this year, and Sir Percival.
  • Sonic Prime is “coming soon” (the TV show on Netflix) and we got a quick “sneak peek” at it during the stream (Shadow is confirmed).
  • Ben Schwartz (the voice of Sonic in the movies) made a quick recorded appearance to promote the Sonic 2 movie and the Blu-ray release of the film, which has a short.
  • Of course, new merch is coming – Knuckles G-Fuel, the Egg Mobile Battle Set (with five configurations from Jakks Pacific), the Razer Sonic wireless controller and charging stand, and Moor Art (silk screen prints), more Hype clothing, more First 4 Figures statues (Amy and Miles), Sonic/Tails/Knuckles Pez dispensers, another EXG cable controller holder (Sonic), Neamedia retro statues, and Bellfine Sonic statues.
  • The Sonic Symphony concert series is returning, and coming to the Brazil Game Show this October.
  • Fall Guys is collaborating with Sonic on August 22 when after goes free-to-play on June 21.
  • Sega showed a Knuckles animated prologue special for Sonic Frontiers (which was roughly a few seconds long) and the “entire short is available later this year prior to the release of Sonic Frontiers.”
  • Sega teases more Sonic Frontiers coverage coming this month.

And uh, that’s it! “More Sonic Frontiers footage is coming” was the last word: there was no “one more thing.”

Sonic Central merchandise gallery:

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