READY TO FRIDAY: Yay Halloween!

You should’ve seen that before I cropped it. Better yet, you should’ve seen the one Nick wouldn’t let me use.

Anyway, HALLOWEEN. My favorite holiday is finally here. So many awesome things rolled into one occasion. Spooky stuff, candy, horror movies, candy, skeletons, bats, candy, and skeletons. Also, everything is black and orange, and that sh*t’s just classy. Straight up.

I love this stuff so much I leave the decorations out all year long. Well, except for the Jack O’Lanterns, which I light on fire and throw at neighborhood emo kids. And when pumpkins are out of season and it starts snowing, I use snowballs. And when it stops snowing, I use molotovs.

What spooky things are you kids up to this weekend? Anybody carve a videogame pumpkin? Post that f*cker. Costumes? Post ’em. Candy? Send it to me. Pics of Japanese bikini girls covered in fake blood and holding butcher knives? You’re sick.

Definitely send me those if you have them, though.

You remind me of … of PAUL. ;_; June Foray FTW.

Topher Cantler