Check it out. That’s a little skeleton I saw at the Smithsonian on Tuesday. I know you’re used to pics of cute animals on Friday morning, but I thought this guy was pretty cute too, so hopefully you won’t mind. He was like two feet tall. I wanted to take him home but the fascist jerks at the museum wouldn’t let me, so I had to settle for a few photos. I miss him.

in other news this week, Faith No More just played a reunion show, and it was the greatest thing since … well, since the last time they played a show together. It is my sincere hope that their return to the stage will restore balance to the universe, because as we all know, life on Earth cannot function properly without Patton. Tiny skeleton guys and Mike Patton. So in all, it was a pretty good week. Now that it’s over, I think it’s time we got down to a little nonsense.


Finally, a new episode of Usavich whose video quality is decent enough to post.

What are you guys gonna do this weekend?

Topher Cantler