What up. Did you guys know it’s Nick Chester’s birthday today? He’s 31, which is a whole year older than me, and I do my best to make sure he never forgets that. Which would work a lot better if he were reading this, which he’s probably not. But still. It’s better than getting sappy about how one of my best friends turned into my boss and how that could have been weird but it wasn’t and I’m totally super proud of him and all the awesome things I’ve watched him achieve over the past 3 years. Instead of that, I will make fun of him and say HAHA you’re older than me, because then I don’t lose my street cred, yo. But yeah, wish him a happy birthday when you see him.

Anyway, a collection of things that distracted me while I was trying to write this:

FRIDAY. What’s everybody up to this weekend?

Topher Cantler