Well, Otakon is over. I think we all had a pretty good time, except maybe for Dale. We did some things, played some games, and caused some general disturbances that no one has pressed charges over yet. I’d say that’s a success. This weekend will probably not be quite as awesome, but it’s still a weekend.

So what are you kids up to tonight? Anybody going to SDCC? Hito went, and that means I’ve got nobody to grill with, so as per usual, you know … feel free to give me a call if you are doing things with meat and fire and beer. Unless it’s some weird sex thing with meat and fire and beer. Actually, you could still call me for that, too.

Who’s ready to Friday?

If you didn’t catch it on Japanator earlier this week, allow me to present to you this awesome dog.

Hopefully his parents will breed him and we’ll end up with moustache puppies.


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