RapeLay devs announce a game, lift Dragon Quest designs

Capitalizing on the Dragon Quest fever that is currently spreading through Glorious Nippon, RapeLay developer Illusionsoft has announced an H-game suggestively titled Yuusha kara wa Nigerarenai (You Can’t Escape From The Hero).

The fallout over the scandal surrounding RapeLay (i.e. the banning of all rape games in Japan) has caused most eroge companies to close off their webistes to outside IP addresses, and Illusionsoft’s official Web site is no different. Illusionsoft has been tight-lipped regarding Yuusha kara wa Nigerarenai, even to its Japanese audience — most people don’t even know which genre this game will fall into.  A demo will be released on Friday that should answer some of those questions, not that freedom-hating gaijin like us will ever get to play it.

What is obvous, however, is that the game’s female character models coincidentally resemble the concept designs for several classes found in the Gameboy Color version Square Enix’ Dragon Quest III.  Specifically, Illusionsoft seems to have taken the liberty of lifting the designs for female black mages, sages, clerics, and soldiers.

Given Square Enix’ history of shutting down fan projects, it’s obvious that the company takes it’s intellectual property pretty seriously — I kind of doubt that Yuusha kara wa Nigeranrenai will ever see the light of day.

Check out the gallery for some screenshots, as well as some comparison shots whipped up by GameSetWatch. As a side note, if anyone knows where GSW got those hi-res character designs, I’d like to know.

[Via Sankaku Complex]

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