Rap group No Question? drops album using sampled game music

Videogames have been a part of hip-hop culture — and vice versa — for a long time now. Generally, when they use samples of music or effects from games, it’s either somewhat subtle or based entirely around their appearance. The recently released album by No Question?, Got Game “Nintendo Mixtape,” falls into the latter camp as the group raps over beats laced with 8 and 16-bit game soundtracks.

For the most part, it’s pretty solid. There are some tracks, like “Gauntlet” and “Trust Miso Soup” that really work well. And then there are a few where it seems like they’re trying too hard to make an album that’s full of videogame music as a gimmick.

But, since the album has been released for free on the internet, you really don’t have anything to lose by giving it a listen. It isn’t mindblowing — certainly not on the level of Tonetta777 (pictured above) — but there are some worthy beats at work here.

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