Raiden voice actor clueless over Metal Gear Solid: RISING

Quinton Flynn, the voice actor responsible for Raiden’s Western whining, has revealed that he hasn’t got the first clue about Metal Gear Solid: RISING and his potential involvement over it. He’s totally in the dark, and nobody from Kojima Productions has reached out to him. 

“I am completely in the dark. I have no answers. I have no idea,” he said. “I have not been approached in anyway shape or form. There has been no communication. There’s been no information and I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve tried to make efforts to find out what’s happening and have not been able to get any answers at all.

“I would love for them to make that phone call. I would love for them to give me a jingle and let me know that maybe they’ve been working on lots of other stuff for this game and now they’re ready for me. But I don’t have high hopes, let’s just put it that way. I’m not expecting anything.”

It would be unusual for the studio to not want the original voice actor, so this is likely evidence that the game’s not begun to be localized yet. If that’s the case, don’t expect to see the game for ten billion years. It really is taking its sweet time, isn’t it?

Raiden Speaks! An Interview With Quinton Flynn (Part 2) [The Gaming Liberty]

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