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Rad tips on how to be a '90s gamer


Water level anxiety is a legitimate problem

Those boys over at IFHT Films break down the question that everyone still wonders: How do you be a '90s gamer in the current age? From picking the right console, blowing on cartridges, gaming all night at a sleep over, to "Socker Boppers" (which were basically blow-up oversized boxing gloves that encouraged kids to punch the shit out of each other).

Personally, my favorite segment in the entire video was step five on how to negotiate deals on the playground. I was literally that same kid who would offer to teach other kids how to get Mew in the first-gen Pokémon games. I straight up had high-school students asking me how. But let's be honest for a moment, if that dude offered me vanilla Dunkaroos -- I immediately would have told him off.

Chocolate or bust, my dude. But what was your favorite segment? Which Dunkaroo flavor did you prefer? Let me know down below so I can silently judge you.


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