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Raccoon City gets running zombies, courtesy of Left 4 Dead

2009-06-19 22:00:00  ยท  Joseph Leray

Hey, check it out: a post about Left 4 Dead that doesn't involve the words "boycott," "DLC," or "unfinished."

Valve, the much-beleaguered masterminds behind Left 4 Dead, released their Authoring Tools about a month ago, effectively inviting modders, tinkerers, and craftsmen of all kinds to build maps and campaigns of their own. I'm sure there are hundreds of excellent mods out there already, but a modder named Outatime is creating an especially interesting bit of zombie confluence -- Resident Evil's Raccoon City. 

I suppose that Raccoon City makes sense for a Left 4 Dead mod since Resident Evil:Outbreak was like a poor man's L4D anyway. And so, it seems that a lineage of survival horror has come full circle, although Leon Kennedy never had to deal with a startled Witch

Outatime plans on creating an entire six-map campaign (called Resident Evil: Last Escape) out of the iconic zombie-infested city, but one map ("Raccoon City Streets) is already available. It's still in its beta stage, with some nasty framerate drops, but it's nevertheless playable. 

I haven't had a chance to play Last Escape yet, but if you're interested in doing so, you can download it here. Hit the jump for a video, and check out Outatime's YouTube channel for even more Last Escape videos.

[Via Joystiq]

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