Race Pro gets pushed back, demo coming before Christmas

SimBin’s Race Pro was originally slated for a November release on the Xbox 360, but we’re now looking at January 2009 release.. The racing sim from the Sweedish developers behind the GTR and RACE line of PC sims wants to make their Xbox 360 debut title nice and polished before pushing it out onto the track.

If you’re new to the title, here’s the bulletpoints:

  • 15 real-world tracks
  • real licensed cars
  • “Unrivaled” realism
  • online/system link for 12 players
  • loud-ass Web site

To hold racing fans over, they’ll be able to play a demo which will feature both single and online multiplayer action on Xbox Live before Christmas. This game looks fantastic, so we’re looking forward to getting our hands on it.

Dale North