R-Type Dimensions price reduced, now 800 Microsoft Points

Microsoft’s latest Deal of the Week makes R-Type Dimensions an appealing purchase amidst a torrent of other delectable downloadables.

This week only, you can snatch the sci-fi, sidescrolling shooter for 800 Microsoft Points instead of the usual 1,200 Microsoft Points. According to Microsoft’s-LIVE-Man Major Nelson’s math, this is a savings of 33 percent. Nice.

R-Type Dimensions, by the way, is a pseudo-fresh-take on the franchise. The game combines both R-Type and R-Type II with new visuals and camera options. It has multiplayer and an infinite spawn mode that, excitingly, allows you to actually beat R-Type. No need to ask mother for more quarters or tokens. (Sorry mom; I didn’t have the foresight.)

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