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Good Job!"Working for the man every night and day"


Borderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles"More fun than Yog-Sothoth at a party"


Neon City Riders"Neon City is about to E-X-P-L-O-D-E"


Control: The Foundation"How low can you go?"


Panzer Dragoon: Remake"Rock the dragon"


Bleeding Edge"Short-lived thrills"


Half-Life: Alyx"Valve is back"


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Shadow of Doom"Nintendo finally gets Doomed"


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Cold steel 4 coming in PC and switch ports next


Happy Birthday Shinkz!!!


Its April Fools Trust half of what you Otherwise have an amazing


Happy late Birthday to Goofierbrute and Happy Birthday to Shinkz! <3


Happy Birthday Shinkz

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday Shinkz! I cant throw you a party like the AC villagers, but I can wish you a restful day and hope for a good year All the best,

Fivefinger Delta

Google today: Leaf eggs only grow on hardwood yesterday: Imma dig up every non-fruit-bearing tree on this


So thats what Its super adorable


Heads up to any fellow tabletop fans and or Gloomhaven fans, its sequel Frosthaven just entered Kickstarter and sounds AMAZING! Cant wait for this



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