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Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World"Now with 100% less boy"


Miitopia"Miis are back"


Knockout City"We built this city on balls and holes"


Biomutant"Old world underground, where are you now?"


Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster"The demon who wore tennis shoes"


Path of Exile: Ultimatum"Patch 3.14 brings the blood, sweat, and more blood"


Subnautica: Below Zero"A frigid new standalone story that can't quite fill the original game's flippers"


Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids"It's more Valhalla, for better or worse"


Famicom Detective Club"Murder, Yoshio Sakamoto Wrote"


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Here’s something you didn’t know you needed in your waking


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Suicide Squad (2021) is a fucking Its been a while (Endgame) since a superhero film has had me grinning ear to ear so I actually cared when characters died Amazing whats hat happens when you make them


Beat What a terribly alright


I was able to sneak in about 10 minutes of Halo Infinite this morning, and just going off the weapon trainings, its feeling REAL Looks real good, too, even the art style has been much improved since Very excited to dive even deeper tomorrow!


Went into a grinding hole on Demons Souls, and now I have a maxed out Sharp Uchi and Crescent After killing the Flamelurker in 6-7 hits, I may have made the game a little too easy


Lets play! This RPG is about the same as the one who is in the same world as the You play this game by the way through the


Ok, managed to spend all my gems and coins drafting on Magic Arena, so I guess my curse is broken! Time to pick something else to Deciding between Iceborne, KOTOR 2 or Hmmm decisions,


I still dont care much for soccer, but the orange ladies against the US are putting in WORK! Heres a little good luck note they got from Japanese Featuring Pikachu, Miffy (from Dutch childrens book writer very popular in Japan) and



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