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Superliminal"I have a dream..."


Afterparty"Fight for your Right"


Falcon Northwest 20th Anniversary Talon"All custom PCs come with a price"


Disco Elysium"Good cop"


Disney Tsum Tsum Festival"Mickey-o Party"


Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2"I wonder if the original had this many issues"


Planet Zoo"Do it for Matt Damon"


Ring Fit Adventure"We don't need no stinkin' gym"


Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers (Patch 5.1)"Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty"


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Since I hit some milestones during my Extra Life stream, Im going to be streaming 2 suprise games later today for a few hours for my birthday! Will post my twitch link in the comments!


Everyone talking bout Pokemans and Im over here amazed at the fact CM Punk is back on a WWE

Shut Up Ace

There is no greater fear of the unknown than the Meatball


Looks like a new Smash patch is dropping tonight, and its going to contain character changes, not just It probably isnt much, but Im always


So, I compulsively play Raid mode from REvelations 1&2, but I miss Rebecca and Sheva (Ada too), for my delight Mercenaries is ready to play on RE5! Unfortunately not on Gotta check RE6 yet, love Sherry, only good thing in the game!


I bought Disco Being an old CRPG conosseur I decided to not to pick a preset character and made my My char was not a very physical I turned the lights on, it hurts him really badly, I disregard it, then he dies of a GOTY

Shut Up Ace

Time to go through all the hoops to get a picture off my PS4 so I can get an image of my FFXIV character because they fit the moniker for




Time to peace out from DToid for a Or just the overall Can only hear the same complaints from the same crowd about pokemon so many times before I want to ram my head through a Is it that hard to just not buy a thing you think is bad?


Apparently they may be reusing models in sword and shield after Why are you doing this to yourself? Just why? Pokemon name / model spoilers



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