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Good Job!"Working for the man every night and day"


Borderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles"More fun than Yog-Sothoth at a party"


Neon City Riders"Neon City is about to E-X-P-L-O-D-E"


Control: The Foundation"How low can you go?"


Panzer Dragoon: Remake"Rock the dragon"


Bleeding Edge"Short-lived thrills"


Half-Life: Alyx"Valve is back"


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Shadow of Doom"Nintendo finally gets Doomed"


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What is the one big piece of your gaming backlog that youre trying to finish while under lockdown? For me its going to be either Dragon Quest 11 or Trails of Cold Im playing them alongside FF9 All for the first time


For anyone interested, Mount and Blade 2 is actually not awful despite being in development for a million Surprised by how well it runs so far


Jokes on you, I didnt like nature anyway!

CaimDark Reloaded

What games did you finish this month? Whats your favorite? I finished God of War, Captain Toad, Titanfall 2, Links Awakening and Yoshis Crafted


Put up a short little blog about an idea I had for a I was thinking through mechanics in bed, and I kind of fell in love with the It will never be made, but I think it would be sweet


On about the 40hr mark for Strange Journey Redux and Ive been side-questing for quite a while after defeating the level 5 Honestly, I think this game is amazing! I love all the weird side quests you find in the Onto level 6

Jetter Mars

Spider-Man PS4 is all well and good but the segments with plainclothes Peter, Miles, and MJ are really boring and feel out of I also wish there was more enemy variety and some of the boss fights feel kind of Everything else is executed great!


Lets be honest there was only one name for an island with an island inside of it, and likewise there was only one I give you my memesterpiece


Best Buy has physical copies of Divinity:OS2 Switch with some rad alternate cover art up for pre-order! Link in

Czar Kazem

This super rad prog-rock group put out a new song that you should definitely check out if youre into that sort of thing #Musictoid



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