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Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World"Now with 100% less boy"


Miitopia"Miis are back"


Knockout City"We built this city on balls and holes"


Biomutant"Old world underground, where are you now?"


Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster"The demon who wore tennis shoes"


Path of Exile: Ultimatum"Patch 3.14 brings the blood, sweat, and more blood"


Subnautica: Below Zero"A frigid new standalone story that can't quite fill the original game's flippers"


Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids"It's more Valhalla, for better or worse"


Famicom Detective Club"Murder, Yoshio Sakamoto Wrote"


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Anonymous 20

Got a few hours into Legends Arceus so far, and its pretty damn good so I find myself appreciating the smaller Faster pace of play, being able to choose between items and pokemon without menus, Accessibility so far is appreciated


After playing it for seven hours and having a pretty great time, I can conclude that Pokemon Legends is a pretty good game, great


Pokemon Legends Arceus is giving me serious Nobody Saves the World Constantly popping notifications of tasks Im completing is so

Boxed Swine

They should make a video sharing social media platform for people to pick fights and call it


Current status


I was in the blueberry mood so have another ultradork :P


Lets play a whats in the box? its way more comfortable than a kitchen chair which Ive been using)

Czar Kazem

presented without comment


Tonight is for the drinking and


Bidoof? More like Big Oof, am I right?



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