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Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World"Now with 100% less boy"


Miitopia"Miis are back"


Knockout City"We built this city on balls and holes"


Biomutant"Old world underground, where are you now?"


Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster"The demon who wore tennis shoes"


Path of Exile: Ultimatum"Patch 3.14 brings the blood, sweat, and more blood"


Subnautica: Below Zero"A frigid new standalone story that can't quite fill the original game's flippers"


Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids"It's more Valhalla, for better or worse"


Famicom Detective Club"Murder, Yoshio Sakamoto Wrote"


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Seems the dog costume shown in the Deltarune Chapter 2 trailer was Toby Fox in that dog costume and the trailer music is a fan Just thought that was kinda neat

Jetter Mars

Regrettably, I had to quit the feeder training as I could not reliably get the manual transmission down in the time allotted time (Trust me I did I was to be taken down a city street but I decided it would be unsafe given my level of


Dear christ the guns in Infinite feel The pistol in particular has great Halo really has never felt this good before, yet still so Halo


You call this tenderloin? If you served that in any respectable hotel in New York, theyd laugh you out of town!


Those tags though


Edit: Thanks for all the Ive modified the review and have a new draft link in the Took the total time down by about 2






I know some people are upset about the Expansion Pack needed to play N64 games on And I get But I would like to personally thank Nintendo for this decision -- now Ill feel zero guilt about running this on my Steam Deck!


This is why Coco quit



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