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Everhood"Death creeps in slow ‘til you feel safe in his arms"


Omori"Waiting for something to happen?"


The Climb 2"Climb harder"


Taxi Chaos"You should probably take a Lyft"


Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection"Duck, throw, dip, dive, and dodge"


Capcom Arcade Stadium"Continue...?"


Bravely Default II"Get brave again"


Persona 5 Strikers"Beat 'em up, Phantom Thieves"


Little Nightmares II"A fitting next step for the horror-adventure series"


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury"A modern classic reborn"


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Happy birthday bass you lean coding machine :)


Now that Ive completed Hitman 3s story I can finally go back and complete as many challenges as I can until I get

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to BlondeBass! Hope you had a great weekend pally! :)


What up


Character design tier Snake and Samus are behind the


Happy birthday to TheBlondeBass! I hope you’ve had a great one, my friend


Im glad Senran Kagura is coming back with a Neptunia collab, but man it sucks that itll be on PS4 with no news for a PC Im worried itll be censored to also put out timecodes on their site, with 2:30:59 onward being about the

Spiders For Sale

Its a common misconception that I play Video


Finally broke down and got Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive a It was either that or Bravery Default


Drop Not rendered: retro-rockets for soft landing and gunfire



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