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Guildlings"Friends through eternity, loyalty, honesty..."


The Stretchers"Crazy Ambulance"


Superliminal"I have a dream..."


Afterparty"Fight for your Right"


Falcon Northwest 20th Anniversary Talon"All custom PCs come with a price"


Disco Elysium"Good cop"


Disney Tsum Tsum Festival"Mickey-o Party"


Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2"I wonder if the original had this many issues"


Planet Zoo"Do it for Matt Damon"


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I think I dont appreciate a lot of trails music til after I beat boss theme for anyone interested in this series*


Im having a serious case of writers Kinda hard establishing yourself as a writer when your brain says


Meanwhile on my one man hype train for is a Doctor Who VR game available on PSVR!!! When did this happen??? Super excited!

Jetter Mars

Sadly, another school shooting this morning in Santa Clarita, 7 young people shot, hospitalized and one young lady just passed Suspect is in custody and may be dead Absolutely Please take care

Forsaken Knight

Whats the story on Pokemon? I see a lot of posts about it maybe being bad or something? I dont keep up with Pokemon, but I was thinking about getting it to play with my nieces and

Electric Reaper

Today is my Theres still lots of snow on the ground, but a fair amount of it has

Kyle Yadlosky

Theres a website called BangGood, and its somehow against all odds not pornography(???)


Hey, sup?


Super tired from work this Ive got an article finished now, and Im sending it in After that, no matter its just want to catch some damn



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