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Pokemon Cafe Mix"I've never wanted to eat a Pokémon more than I do right now"


Iron Man VR"I am...two Move controllers"


The Almost Gone"If these walls could talk"


Goosebumps Dead of Night"Buyer beware, you're in for a scare"


Early Access Among Trees"The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullaby"


Early Access Torchlight III"More of a side-step than a full sequel"


SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated"That looks like Squidward, in angry mob form"


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Mike Sounders

Well CrossCode bought and Going to be a nice and quiet Friday night after how busy work has been


How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse


I think I have ever finished only two survival horror Apparently Cursed Mountain (on Wii) was more memorable than Project Zero 5 (Wii U), since I had forgotten finishing the


*bump2* I need to ask yall for one last This weekend my little girl left this I cant cover the costs of a proper cremation, funeral, and burial by I need one last round of help, More in


Started replaying Mirrors Edge Mechanically its quite satisfying to play, although the writing is quite Also dont understand the point of gating basic movement behind I fully support the decision to go open world


This is like Berserk

Chris Moyse

Fucking Fed Up


What do you think are some games that have the best side quests? Its hard to tell if side quests are good or just seem good in comparison if the main story


So now CrossCode is out on console, but it looks like almost no big sites have reviewed The PC release didnt get much Whats up with that? Did they not send out review codes?



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