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Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World"Now with 100% less boy"


Miitopia"Miis are back"


Knockout City"We built this city on balls and holes"


Biomutant"Old world underground, where are you now?"


Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster"The demon who wore tennis shoes"


Path of Exile: Ultimatum"Patch 3.14 brings the blood, sweat, and more blood"


Subnautica: Below Zero"A frigid new standalone story that can't quite fill the original game's flippers"


Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids"It's more Valhalla, for better or worse"


Famicom Detective Club"Murder, Yoshio Sakamoto Wrote"


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With 8 billion people around the globe, theres gotta be at least one out there whos smooched a bee

Punished Nietzsche

ive seen middle life changes, but this man is NOT the one he sold in the


I didnt anticipate doing Pokémon UNITE twice in a row on stream, but since yesterday was cancelled and I already had this planned, well, join me and the full party of boys tonight @ 7:30PM ET for some RANKED matches!

Damien Quicksilver

Classic fav for tonight’s Some vaguely related and unrelated comments to


Bro, final Smash character How dope would this be?

The Whore of Babylon

The Song of the Hero quest in Skyward Sword feels like it should be side quest Surprising how recycled the last 3rd of the game


Kind of want to give Skyward Sword another try with the recent Im feeling forgiving and like games/franchises I dislike (Dead Space/MH/SS/Dragon Quest) deserve a second

Inquisitive Raven

We all know whats in the box, so Ill get to the point this N O S T A L G I A !


Latest Apparently I just buy anything now, Clubhouse games should have been in my collection a long time Excellent assortment of mini games! Shovel Knight, I have on Playstation, but its too good to pass up, for a good deal on



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