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Gylt"Stadia gets spooky"


Google Stadia"Stream, stream, stream Señora"


Guildlings"Friends through eternity, loyalty, honesty..."


Review in Progress: Terminator: Resistance"Hey, that guy didn't pay..."


The Stretchers"Crazy Ambulance"


Disco Elysium"Good cop"


Superliminal"I have a dream..."


Afterparty"Fight for your Right"


Death Stranding"Nani?! Ara, wakarimashita"


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Suneaters personality is cuz he eats so much pussy


Im looking up Black Friday preview ads, hoping to see Fire Emblem the new one or Ultimate Alliance No luck yet, but Ace Combat 7 for $15 on PS4 sounds like something thatll be hard to Right Steam? *nudge-nudge* CMon, I need something from 2019

Uncle Arena Fighter

My love for Twelve set aside, Gill is a great pick for Street Fighter Exudes style, really jives with the two V-Triggers, and a left-field pick in spite of story mode Also of note: a parry not attached to a EDIT: It Im

Virtua Kazama

While waiting for the next Shovel Knight game to come out, lets play another Mario 2D Lets play some Super Mario 3 for the next few weeks, yeah?

Steel Squirrel

I started thinking about the new triggers on the PS5 controller and how that kind of thing would work in something like Death Stranding, and I suddenly got very excited for next


Remember in January 18 when they released the first season of Teen Titans remastered on bluray and it seemed like that was all we were getting? Well, every other season individually and the entire series together are releasing on December 3rd!


Extremely Its about pointless to upgrade your lightsaber emitters and sleeves etc, as you cant even see it in your hand The Ponchos are I guess it kinda shows what EA will budget for cosmetics when theres no monetization


Let this sink in, folks: GTA’s casino update won “expansion” of the year at the Golden Joystick



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