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The Jackbox Party Pack 7"Something to distract you from 2020"


Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital"Two words: Izuna Drop"


Star Wars Squadrons"Need someone disintegrated? Get me integrated"


Torchlight III"An oversimplified sequel"


Super Mario Bros. 35"Limited limited-time fun"




Genshin Impact"Genshin a-go-go"


Oculus Quest 2"Freedom 2.0"


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Watched Love and Delightful little popcorn Nice dose of optimism I recommend I think its the first 2020 movie Ive watched


Hey, I wish you all a nice Link and my dragon


So Asia is getting a physical version of Final Fantasy 9 on Switch and the box art is


Finished my first So many I can manage though, had more through More BS through Goodwill

Electric Reaper

Thats all of Darling in the It was pretty good, though it was very sad and depressing at It could have had more mech battles, though the ending was It definitely had some inspiration from Gurren


Im pretty sure its been talked about already, but I just started watching Hi Score on Netflix, and the very first episode explained some details about one of my favorite games I knew most of the basics, but the extra info was just fun to


So Ghost of Tsushima Legends, every co op game I walk into battle playing my I thought it might annoy people (not my intent, I just think its cool) but I havent had a match that everyone hasnt joined 4 samurai going to battle with the


The best thing about Neapolitan ice cream is mashing it into this


Watched Terminator Dark Fate last night and The Terminator liked Dark Fate, moreso after seeing someone call it Woke None of the sequels take away from the first two



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