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Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World"Now with 100% less boy"


Miitopia"Miis are back"


Knockout City"We built this city on balls and holes"


Biomutant"Old world underground, where are you now?"


Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster"The demon who wore tennis shoes"


Path of Exile: Ultimatum"Patch 3.14 brings the blood, sweat, and more blood"


Subnautica: Below Zero"A frigid new standalone story that can't quite fill the original game's flippers"


Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids"It's more Valhalla, for better or worse"


Famicom Detective Club"Murder, Yoshio Sakamoto Wrote"


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Farts and also shits happy humpday




Im pissing on the M O O N


Going to the a Van Gogh exhibit in Portland next So

The Actual Charlton Heston

Look, I dont pop in often on account of being legally dead and also these type-computers confuse my fingers, but our good friend Perro got promoted today, and I think we should all celebrate And if you disagree, I will find you and mount


Not many games these days know how to just be Psychonauts 2 and Guardians are refreshing exceptions that I want to see more I want Tales from the Borderlands sequel, a sequel to Guardians, and just generally more games that are funny, and


This is my favorite episode of Thomas the Tank


I only pray I can get Halo Infinite working with my Impossible to imagine a better way of spending the rest of my

Silver the 3rd

Which do you think would be longer, playing every single game mario is in (by name or model) to completion, or beating every jrpg playable on the ds line of consoles (vc, gba, ds, 3ds)?



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