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Resident Evil Village"Resident Evil..............eight"


Perfect Gold"Remind me of this: that night we kissed, that I really meant it"


World of Demons"Yokai watch me chop up these ghosts"


Returnal"Housemarque is back"


Shadow Man Remastered"The Dark Souls of 1999"


NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139..."Square Enix publishes the best title names"


Rain on Your Parade"Suck it, Streisand!"


Cozy Grove"A charming community sim with a haunting twist"


Disco Elysium: The Final Cut"A spoiler-free look at the beloved RPG's new content"


Spacebase Startopia"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."


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I bought Returnal despite my seemingly staunch stance on mid-run saves (such a Figured I could do worse than support a weird, unapologetic & novel AAA Saving sucks, but I dont regret Imagine Control if it had decent, uh,

Games and Stuff

Zootopia is still as good in 2021 as it was when I first saw Definetly my favorite recent Disney Though to be fair I havent seen Raya


I really hope Obvious Plant puts this one up for


That Mona Lisa is one of the most uncanny things Ive ever

CaimDark Reloaded

Trails of Cold Steel 3 is really good but it didnt need to be this freaking long!


Benadryl is stronger than I do the research so you dont have to


Well thats Horace finished, personaly wouldnt give it much more then a 7/10(7/10isnt a bad score for a enough game and I see why some people liked it but I had too many issues with it fed up at Chapter 21 and youtubed the rest

Electric Reaper

The highlights for this months Humble Choice are Fury Unleashed, Darksiders Genesis, Hellpoint, and Metro Im skipping this Already have the first 2 games, I cant stand Soulslikes, and Metro Exoduss weapons are


If were telling people eshop deals, Sparklite is only $10 right I adore the game and think that at that price, its a Also features a great soundtrack by Dale This was the game that got me started on


Just got my second Still no sticker, but they did give me a 20% off coupon and a free COVID-themed greeting



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