Qore subscribers receiving SOCOM: Confrontation invites today

Three months ago we mentioned that one of the rewards to subscribing to Qore service early was entrance into the SOCOM: Confrontation beta. Despite the fact that the beta is currently experiencing some issues, the guys at Insomniac are ready to reward the Qore faithful today.

According to a posting on the SOCOM official page, the beta will be ready to download at 5:00 P.M. PST. If you’re in, you should receive an e-mail with an invite at some earlier point today. Keep in mind that this beta offer only extends to the folks that annually subscribed to Qore as of Episode 01. Episode 02 just won’t cut it.

Personally, I’m not big of Sony using Qore as a platform to push betas and ads, but I have steadily come to realize that it serves a valid purpose by delivering content to people who otherwise may not have known it existed. Yet, I’m left to wonder how long and how many more exclusives are on the horizon.

What would make you sign up for Qore? If you disagree with the methodology, how would you improve it?

Brad BradNicholson