Q Entertainment bringing Meteos Wars to Xbox LIVE Arcade

Q Entertainment has announced that an updated version of their Nintendo DS puzzler Meteos will be coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade in Japan this October. 

Called Meteos Wars, the game adds a head-to-head multiplayer mode to the mix, where players fill up a meter to unlock special attacks to screw with their opponent. Q Entertainment is also adding some extras to the mix, like avatars that can be decorated. Otherwise, it sounds like the same old story: match colors, send blocks up in to space. 

It’s definitely not perfect — it seemed somewhat random and chaotic at times — but I was a pretty big fan of Meteos on the DS. The gameplay mechanic relied solely on the use of the touch screen, so I’m a bit curious to see who they’ll pull this off. No US release date as been announced, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t make its way over by early next year.

[Via 1UP]

Nick Chester