Puzzle Quest hits the iPhone

DOO do DOO do DOOOOOOOOOOO.  DOO do DOO do DOOOOOOOOOOO! In a recent feature, we named the Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords theme song as the most obnoxious game song ever. With this news of the puzzle title coming to the iPhone, it looks like we’ll have to hear even more of this song. Great.

D3Publisher’s Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch via Toronto, Canada based TransGaming. The title is currently being worked on for a fall release on the iTunes App Store.

“The iPhone and iPod Touch are natural extensions to TransGaming’s existing Mac business and we are focused on bringing only the highest quality content to these devices. Puzzle Quest is an outstanding franchise and we have no doubt this game will have incredible appeal to a broad range of gamers”, said Vikas Gupta, CEO at TransGaming.

Would you get down on a mobile version of Puzzle Quest? How much do you think this will cost?

Dale North