Puzzle Quest 2 is now out for iPhone

Waste time and kill your battery with Puzzle Quest 2, now out for all the iOS devices. Or you could be that guy and get it for your iPad. It was released on the DS, Xbox 360 and PC earlier this year, but it’s way more accessible now that it’s on your phone. Or a little bit less accessible now that it’s on that big ol’ slice of tablet you carry around.

We gave this puzzle/RPG a “great” score when we reviewed it earlier this year. We praised it for upping the strategy aspect from the first game. 

Namco has this game out out for the Apple kids just in time for the holidays, but they say it’s also coming to Android and Windows Phone 7, with the latter getting their version later this year. 

Puzzle Quest 2 is out now on the iTunes App Store for $9.99. I’ll….uh, be right back.

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