Purchase intent for Move and Kinect not so high

I think it is safe to say that we are all aware of this Kinect thing and that PlayStation Move stuff, but who is actually going to buy this stuff? According to the EEDAR not many people. According to their numbers the purchase intent for Move and Kinect “ranked relatively low” on its charts. The two motion control gaming peripherals failed to break the firm’s top 20 despite their “awareness among the core gaming community.”

In a more head to head look the EEDAR says that Move and Kinect have relatively equal purchase intent. While the 360 is obviously ahead in interest, when keeping the size of the two system’s install bases in mind (number of consoles vs. interest in the new controllers) the two have “showed near equal popularity.” It’s just that that near equal popularity is not that great for either.

Of course there is a caviat. The EEDAR says that these numbers don’t show that either controller will sell poorly because intent to purchase and popularity should rise the closer we get to launch. It should also be noted that EEDAR’s numbers are based on info from IGN, which skews toward hardcore. Both Move and Kinect being grabs at the more “casual” gamers, the lack of interest definitely may only speak for a small part of the target market.

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