PSPgo games as cheap as iPhone apps? It could be

Worried about blowing money on that pricey new PSPgo that’s coming out soon? Well, I can’t say I blame you, especially if you already own a PSP, but if you’re a gadget whore (coughDaleNorth) and feel you can’t live without it, I do have a shred of good news for you: it seems like the games for it could be pretty cheap, if a recent report from Pocket Gamer is any indication.

The report says that PSPgo titles will be priced at 1,2, and 5 euros, making the buying of games pretty painless. In fact, it’s also been reported that Sony has been busy working with iPhone developers to bring ports of current titles to the PSPgo. While we already had an idea about the pricing structure back in June, this certainly adds more fuel to that fire. We ought to know more around Gamescom time, as it’s heavily suspected we’ll hear major announcements then.

Would cheap games influence your desire to buy the PSPgo? Does it somehow ease the pain of that $250 price tag for you?

[Via GamesIndustry.Biz]

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