shows off the DSi

Oh, Sony isn’t going to be too happy about this one. It seems that some very clever Nintendo DSi fan has registered and turned it into a giant advertisement for how amazing the DSi is. Heading over to the site will bring you to an incredibly professional looking page that does absolutely nothing to convince you to get a PSPgo and absolutely everything it possibly can to show you how nifty the DSi is. Everything on the site links back to Nintendo’s official pages too. 

Who knows who put this together, but one can bet they might be getting a pretty penny from Sony at some point considering that is probably a domain Sony wanted to set up a site on. Of course there is no either, so maybe they weren’t planning on using the url, but I’m guessing it’s one that will be visited every so often anyway. I’m sure it won’t be that big of a deal, but it’s definitely good for a laugh. 

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