PSP promos proving pro-pederasty

It would be all too easy to comment on the fact that Sony seems to be pushing ads designed to make their core demographic masturbate furiously vomit in terror, but the subtle genius of this promo is almost undetectably erudite. Thankfully, you all have Destructoid to translate the true genius of this piece.

See, there’s this old guy, right? Maybe he has an ex-wife who won’t let him see the kids, and maybe she’s draining him dry with all the alimony he has to pay, and he just can’t bring himself to put a gun to his head. This old guy, though, he really likes younger guys. Not in a creepy kind of way, but in more of a “yes, I’ll totally spot you on the bench” kind of way, and also, he likes to look at their penises in public bathrooms. But that’s also not in a creepy kind of way, but in more of a “wow, your penis is way buff” kind of way. See? So, yeah … it’s totally not creepy.

Wait, can I try that again? 

[Via Kotaku, but especially via Arrogantics

[Shout out to gorilla for showing how utterly inept at spelling I am at 3am. Well played Cap’n Irony.] 


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