PSP = PlayStation Phone?

Not content with letting the N-Gage have all the … haha … fun of being a game system that’s also a phone, Sony have gone and signed a four-year deal with top UK telecommunications company BT to add new communication features to the PSP, turning it into a phone as well as a movie player, music player and game player, playa.

The plan is to intergrate BT’s wireless video and voice service, ‘Softphone’ into the PSP, with intent to add extra features over the following months that would allow your PSP to contact PCs, landlines and cellphones. 

At first, the scheme will launch in the UK and then work across all territories that fall under Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s watchful glare. Sony are already talking to other communications providers to further expand the scheme. 

An exciting venture for Sony and BT, but you’re going to look like such a pretentious pillock talking through a PSP.

[Via Slashdot

James Stephanie Sterling