PSP opens up in stop motion action

I have previously expressed my disinterest for what is going on inside my gaming consoles. I also don’t like unboxings because they are dumb (unless they involve a cat). However, the video above is a massive exception to my general dislike of these things. Sure it’s an ad for some technology repair company, but if they put together videos this awesome then I think they should garner some business from it.

I would also like to announce that the insides of a PSP are far less exciting than I thought they would be. I’m sure they’ve been seen before by some, but I haven’t seen them. I was hoping there would be tiny, Japanese elves inside who made it run with magic. Alas, all I get is chips and wires. Nintendo must have all the magic elves in the DS. Think how any will have to be hired to run the DSi XL!

PSP Go disassembled in awesome stop motion video [Engadget]

Matthew Razak