PSP-3000 hackable via service mode and special battery

You didn’t hear it from us, but it seems that the new PSP-3000 model can now be um *cough*… unlocked.

The folks at MaxConsole say that this tough cookie is now crumbled via its service mode. Datel has a new “tool battery” called LITE BLUE TOOL. Great name. By simply inserting this crypto processor based battery, the service mode in both the PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 will be accessible. 

The LITE BLUE TOOL will come with the option of switching between standard and service modes. It will sell for $29.99 in North America. 

MaxConsole also has details on how Datel managed to pull this off.

“Although there were early indications that the PSP3000 had embedded Service Mode capability, it was clear that silicon level investigation would be required to understand the new mechanism” said Datel.

They used circuit extraction [whatever the hell that is] to reveal the service mode functions, and then put together their new product. There you have it, PSP-3000 owners. 

[Thanks, Prof. Pew]

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