PSN banning lawsuit thrown out

Do you remember Erik Estavillo of San Jose? He was a “man” who had been banned from the PlayStation Network after being an abusive little troll on Resistance‘s multiplayer mode, and decided to take Sony to court over the “pain and suffering” it had caused him. If you recall that adventure, you’ll be thrilled to know that the little turd has had his case thrown out of of court.

Northern District of California District Judge Ronald M Whyte decided that Estavillo, despite claiming that the ban had emotionally crippled him, was not deserving of relief from Sony under the First Amendment. Estavillo was trying to get $55,000 in damages and also sought to get an injunction that would limit Sony’s ability to ban players in future. 

It’s nice to see that not every worthless, pathetic, frivolous lawsuit can go to trial. That said, America should sue Estavillo for wasting everybody’s time and taking up oxygen that could be used by more deserving human beings.

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