PSA: Today’s Xbox 360 system update doesn’t add features

An Xbox 360 system update? Oh sweet, I wonder what it does? I hope it adds th–wait, it’s just meant to prep our consoles for the impending Facebook/Twitter/Last.FM update. False alarm, everybody.

Here’s a little bit of advice based on something I experienced earlier today: when you boot up your 360, don’t ignore the update message that appears on your screen and instead proceed to insert a game. I did this with DiRT 2, and the update froze and wouldn’t let me cancel.

Since it clearly says “do not turn off your Xbox 360,” I figured my console was going to explode if I did. Although that would have made for a better story, I can’t say that it did blow up, unless I was a liar. Actually, my system did explode, and a flying shard of plastic stabbed my neck.

Just another day at the office.

[Thanks, Abel]

Jordan Devore
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