PS3 will outlive Blu-ray, claims Samsung

Electronics titan Samsung has given the Sony-adopted Blu-ray format what it believes to be an adequate life expectancy, one that would not see it even last the PS3’s life cycle. Giving the format five more years, Samsung claimed that Blu-ray will be a success, but a fleeting one.

“I think it [Blu-ray] has 5 years left, I certainly wouldn’t give it 10” stated Samsung’s Andy Griffiths. “It’s going to be huge. We are heavily back-ordered at the moment.” Griffiths believes that 2008 is Blu-ray’s year, but even though he expects it to be “huge,” he just doesn’t think it can last to see the end of the PS3’s oft-mentioned ten year cycle. 

“In 2012 we will be in a true HD world,” stated the UK director of consumer electronics. “Everything from your television to your camcorder will be offering you pictures in high-definition, and we plan to offer you that HD world from all angles.”

What do you think? Does Blu-ray have staying power, or in this age where things become all-too-obsolete, all-too-quickly, will the format fail to see the end of the PS3? What does this mean for Talladega Nights or indeed, any of Will Ferrell’s supremely sublime back catalog of moviemaking mischief? Find out next time on Hogan Knows Best!

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