PS3 Torne recorder video makes me jealous

Japan’s Sony Torne digital video recording add-on for the PS3 sounded amazing on paper, but after watching this very slick promotional video for the device, I’m feeling insanely jealous. Why? This thing is crazy cool, and it makes my current HD cable service look terrible. Watch on as they zip through program listings with the DualShock3’s analog sticks to select shows to watch and record.  Searching by keywords and sorting through crap to find what you want looks so easy. Click to schedule and the show will be recorded to your HDD in beautiful high-definition.

The second half of the video shows how you can dump shows to an external drive. And recording while you’re gaming? Damn. Finally, dumping shows directly to your PSP to watch on the go, or broadcasting via LAN to other rooms in your house sounds very handy.

You can’t see, but I just spit on my cable box.

Dale North