PS3 to catch up to Wii sales by 2011?

I dream of a day where I can get paid to make s**t up all day, but until then, I’ll leave it to the analysts — one of which thinks that the sales of the PS3 will catch up to the Nintendo Wii in 2011. gives us this nifty bar graph (above), with data supplied by Screen Digest. Their analysts think that the Wii will still lead by 2011, but the PS3 will come in a close second, with both selling more than 70 million units total. 

Their outlook for the Xbox 360 isn’t so peachy, with sales reaching only about 40 million units in the same length of time.

With this season’s holiday sales, we can agree that the Wii has a bright future, but I wonder what they figure will happen in the next couple of years that would have the PS3 total sales coming to almost double that of the Xbox 360. I couldn’t even begin to guess, but then again, I’m not one of the guys they pay to sit around and make stuff up.

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