PS3 SingStar still seems stuck

Out of all the things I have been really looking forward to doing on my PS3, singing warbly, poorly pitched renditions of my favorite 80’s ballads for the world to hear and see was at the top of my list, but Sony keeps pulling the rug out from under my big debut. What’s the deal, Sony?

The folks at say that the PlayStation 3 version of SingStar is held up as Sony tries to iron out the promised downloadable content and community features, things that will make this version stand out among the numerous PS2 versions.

“We want to ensure that consumers have the best possible experience when playing SingStar on PlayStation 3,” said a Sony rep. “We are therefore taking extra time to test the downloadable content and community features of SingStar to ensure that it is as rich, simple and accessible a SingStar experience as possible.”

The word is that some journalists have recieved a playable copy for review, but none of the online features are available for test. That doesn’t bode well the planned fall 2007 release.

Get it together, Sony. I cannot wait to play this game

Dale North