PS3 launches in India; Now largest mass of people in existence feel our pain

As the fine folks at Kotaku have pointed out, today is a big day in India. No, we’re not talking about the news of the monumental importance type, such as an end to famine or the rise of the next great social leader on the level of Ghandi. What the fine piece of real estate collectively known as India really needs is the chance to wish that they could afford a shiny new PlayStation 3 with its anemic lineup of games like the rest of us.

As it turns out, the technological marvel whose cell processor has been known to usher the bank accounts of many a fine eBay seller into the negative, as well as to cause electric company’s around the globe to do a collective dance with glee over the always on Folding@Home project’s wattage usage, is now ready to offer up an already poor nation the chance to do the same. That is, for the low, low price of 40,000 Rupees. That amount is roughly just under a grand in U.S. terms.

Here’s hoping that the change of the guard announcement yesterday will be one step closer to putting Sony back on the path to success it knew not that long ago. In other news, gamers everywhere are still crossing their fingers that Sony will turn this sinking ship around, and make the console business the competitive arena it rightfully deserves to be, once again.

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