PS3 firmware v2.53 redux: it’s coming for real this time [update]

It seems the Internet may have jumped the gun on PS3 system software version 2.53 — we told you about it last week, since it appeared that Sony had preemptively (and presumably, inadvertently) revealed the details on the update on their official Web site. Now, we feel completely safe to report on the firmware; we’ve got confirmation over at the PlayStation.Blog from Eric Lempel, Director of PSN Operations, that v2.53 is “coming soon.” Here’s what we’re getting:

Hi everyone, in the next PS3 firmware update (v2.53), coming soon, we’re improving the way the Flash Player works with the internet browser. In addition to being able to access more sites using Flash, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Full-screen mode playability
  • Live movie (using RTMP format) playability

Now it’s going to be even easier to enjoy web content on your PS3, in full-screen!

Well, it’ll be midnight here on the East Coast in less than five minutes, so we’ll let you know if “soon” translates to “tomorrow.” Here’s hoping I’ll finally be able to full-screen the media players of Hulu and other Flash-based video sites.

[Via PlayStation.Blog — thanks, Joe!]

[Update: It appears that the update went live shortly before midnight EST; it took me about twelve minutes to download and an additional two to three minutes to install. Hit the jump for notes on my brief sojourn through the world of Flash-based Web video players.]

I love the PS3, but it’s painfully obvious to me that it wasn’t designed with this stuff in mind.

I’ve tried a number of video Web sites, and while most of them work just fine, the entire shoddy experience just left me wanting more (i.e., a real computer). Here’s an example. I happened to be watching the most recent episode of 30 Rock on Hulu HD (aside: in my opinion, it’s the funniest show on network TV right now, and you should be watching it). When I clicked the “1280×720” button to get it to display in HD, a new browser window automatically opened up — and it was summarily replaced with a blank white page, upon which a “there is not enough memory” message was overlaid. Still, I can confirm that Hulu videos can now be full-screened, which is pretty great, and I didn’t really have any problems with non-HD videos.

I also checked out GameTrailers’ exclusive Uncharted 2: Among Thieves teaser trailer, which Grim posted earlier today. While I was able to open the GT HD Flash video page for the teaser, in addition to viewing it full-screened, the frame rate was rather poor (and it wasn’t the stuttering, buffering kind of poor, so I don’t think my Internet connection had anything to do with it). The Destructoid video player was a bit finicky, but I did get it to display in fullscreen eventually.

The one saving grace was YouTube, which works beautifully — especially now that the entire Web site is in widescreen. I full-screened a video of New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker getting jacked up by Pittsburgh Steelers free safety Ryan Clark yesterday evening, and the glorious bone-crunching hit filled my HDTV. It’s just as simple as it is on a computer: you click the usual button to full-screen the video, and then you can hit circle to exit the fullscreen view.

Oh yeah, YouPorn works. I tested it myself.

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