PS3 Facebook firmware update drops today

The next big PS3 firmware update — v3.10 — is today’s big firmware update.

In a recent interview with 1UP, SCEA’s Eric Lempel apparently revealed that the teased 3.10 update launches at some point today. He also mentioned that the nerds who create these updates have been working on this latest for a bit of time.

“I’ll just say that it’s been in the works for quite some time,” Lempel said before adding, “It’s never been easy to integrate new content into the PlayStation Network. We’ve had this planned for a while now.”

Sony dished out the details on the 3.10 update just a few days ago. Adding real Facebook integration, 3.10 will allow PS3 owners to stream their Trophy and PS Store information into their Facebook accounts. The update also provides a hook to developers to add their own unique Facebook feed support into their games.

For more information hit this post for a video walkthrough that shows off some of the other much-needed tweaks being added, or just wait until the update hits this morning or afternoon. Your call.

Brad BradNicholson