PS3 BioShock content will probably be a timed exclusive

Since breaking exclusivity is all the rage these days in the console world, it’s easy to guess where 2K Boston may go with their updated BioShock PlayStation 3 content. Recently at Leipzig, Videogamer caught up to 2K Games senior producer Melissa Miller and asked her about the exclusivity of the PS3 version of the game’s content. Her response had the words “timed exclusive” stamped all over it.

Right now we are supporting the PS3 launch. We are really excited to be bringing the BioShock experience to a whole new set of fans. We’ve been concentrating on ways to make this game special. The things that we’ve added, they’re not changing the original experience that the 360 fans and the PC fans got, but are things that compliment nicely that experience…Right now this is a PS3 exclusive.

If you were wondering, the rumored content is a new zoo area, opening cinematic, and enhanced visual quality. At this point game’s lifespan, I believe 2K would be crazy not to release DLC for Xbox 360 owners. I suppose we’ll see after PS3 owners get the opportunity to begin tackling Rapture on their own.

Brad BradNicholson